Ankle Brace With Straps

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The LP Ankle Brace With Straps features non-stretch nylon “figure 8” straps and will protect you from ankle inversion and eversion sprains. We also recommend this brace if you suffer from instability due to previous ankle injuries and are worried about repeat strains or other injuries.

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The LP Ankle Brace With Straps features “figure 8” straps made from non stretch nylon and provides superior protection against ankle sprains.

The figure 8 strap design of this brace equips it to prevent inversion and eversion injuries and reduces the risk of rotational sprains for injured ankles. Ankle inversion and eversion account for a large percentage of ankle sprains and other injuries, particularly in sports.

Ankle inversion (which accounts for around 90% of ankle sprains) occurs when the sole of the foot is twisted in such a way that it faces in the direction of the other foot. Eversion occurs when the sole of the foot is twisted in the opposite direction. These injuries are colloquially referred to as “rolling the ankle”. They both result in stretching of the ankle ligaments beyond the limits they are intended to tolerate. The figure 8 strap design is specifically intended to prevent these types of movement.

The brace’s open heel design allows for a snug and comfortable fit.

This brace provides support that you would otherwise get from taping your ankle. However, it does not require the specialist knowledge that you would need for taping. As a lace-up design, it is also much easier to put on or remove.

The LP Ankle Brace With Straps is not left/right foot specific. We recommend that you wear socks with this brace.

For Which Sports Would The LP Ankle Brace With Straps Be Recommended?

Generally speaking, this brace would be useful in any sport that requires quick, unexpected changes in direction. Examples of these sports are:

  • Tennis
  • Squash
  • Soccer
  • Football

You may also find it useful if you are required to jump and may land awkwardly and with your balance not under control. Prime examples of such sports are:

  • Basketball
  • Volleyball

You may also benefit from this brace if you have previously injured your ankle and have developed ankle instability. In this situation, you will be prone to experiencing repeat strains and the support this brace offers will be valuable.

LP Ankle Brace With Straps – Indications

  • Ankle instability
  • Moderate ankle sprain

Shoe Size (USA)

Male - SM 8 -9 / MD 9 -11 /LG - 11-13 /XL 14-16
Female - SM 10-11 / MD 11-13 / LG 13-15 / XL 16-18


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