Carpal Gel Sleeve

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The Oppo Medical Carpal Gel Sleeve helps protect sensitive scar tissue and reduces pressure, shock and friction at carpal area. It is lined with a gel pad to cushion the palm and wrist area.One size.


The Oppo Medical Carpal Gel Sleeve protects scar tissue on your hand if you have recently suffered an injury or undergone surgery.

It is particularly useful if you have recently had surgery to relieve the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. In this case, the scar tissue will be around the underside of the palm and wrist. The Carpal Tunnel Sleeve is equipped with a gel pad along this area to cushion the scars from pressure, shock and friction.

Many people are falling prey to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome  as a result of the jobs they do, and in the more severe cases, doctors may recommend that they undergo surgery to relieve the condition. Recovery from carpal tunnel surgery can take periods ranging from a few weeks to several months, or possibly longer. A period of this length can be very disruptive to your occupational or vocational schedule. This sleeve will help you return to your normal activity sooner than would otherwise be possible, with no risk of interfering with the surgery you have had.

In addition to interfering with the surgery itself, if you expose the scar to excessive shock impact, pressure or friction, it may not heal properly and may leave a permanent unsightly mark. The sleeve will also help avoid this.

If your job involves extensive use of your hands, this product will be a valuable tool to help you recover fully and quickly from your injury or surgery. For example, if you work with power tools, you will find its protection from shock and friction invaluable.

The sleeve is one size fits most and therefore is adjustable to fit most hand and wrist sizes with no loss of wearing comfort. It is very low profile and you can therefore wear it under gloves as an additional form of protection.

Oppo Medical Carpal Gel Sleeve – Indications

  • Sensitive scar tissue protection
  • Friction prevention


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