Gel Metatarsal Bandage

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The Oppo Medical Gel Metatarsal Bandage gives the balls of your feet a chance to recover from soreness and possible inflammation.

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The Oppo Medical Gel Metatarsal Bandage protects the metatarsal heads and helps relieve metatarsal pain.It also helps prevent calluses and inflammation of the forefoot.

Metatarsal pain (i..e. pain in the ball of the foot, or the bony area between the toes and the midfoot) can be the result of many factors, including an abnormal gait or excessive running  or jumping that causes your feet to repeatedly strike the ground at high force. It can also be the result of wearing poorly fitting shoes or shoes that force you to place excessive weight on the balls of your feet e.g. high heeled shoes or ballet shoes. Athletic shoes with inadequate cushioning or padding can also contribute to this problem.

By cushioning the balls of your feet from pressure and friction, the Oppo Medical Gel Metatarsal Bandage gives the metatarsal heads a chance to recover from soreness and possible inflammation. You can also use it to proactively prevent the pain and soreness of metatarsalgia before it actually develops. This will also ward off some of the secondary conditions that metatarsalgia can bring on, such as calluses.

To apply the metatarsal bandage:

  • Place the pad under the ball of your foot.
  • Wrap it around your foot and tighten using the hook and loop closure.
  • Remove the bandage daily for a few minutes at a time.

You can wear the bandage with socks. When doing so, wear it inside the sock (next to your skin). You can also wear the bandage either with or without shoes.

To clean the metatarsal bandage, hand wash it in warm water with a mild soap and let it air dry. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Do not tumble dry.

One size – sold in pairs.

Oppo Medical Gel Metatarsal Bandage – Indications

  • Metatarsalgia
  • Shock absorption
  • Irritating calluses


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