Gel Hallux Straighteners

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Oppo Medical Gel Hallux Straighteners correct hallux valgus deformities by stopping your big toe from overlapping with the second.They also prevent and reduce the pain from ingrown toenails and calluses.

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Oppo Medical Gel Hallux Straighteners provide persistent, gentle pressure to correct hallux valgus deformities by stopping the big toe overlapping with the second. The soft gel material of which it is made forms an ideal cushion between the toes, preventing any friction between them and consequent pain and irritation.

They also prevent and reduce the  pain from ingrown toenails and calluses.

The y are made from a flexible and conformable medical grade non allergenic gel with high elasticity. As a result, they can adjust in shape to fit a wide range of foot sizes and shapes, and can maintain a high comfort level while doing so.

Oppo Medical Gel Hallux Straighteners are designed to be simple to use – just position one between your big toe and your second toe. Remove each day for a few minutes at a time.

They come as one pair per pack. With care, you can kept them clean without too much difficulty, and they will last well. Replace the straighteners once the gel begins to lose its softness.

Do not let them come into direct contact with any open wounds.

If you have allergies or sensitive skin, please consult with your podiatrist or doctor before using this product.

Oppo Medical Gel Hallux Straighteners – Indications

  • Hallux valgus
  • Overlapping toes
  • Calluses

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  1. Eric Molnar

    This is an awesome product. As a professional tennis instructor I am on my feet all day. The comfort this product gives is so good. The gel feeling makes it feel comfortable and has a nice shock absorption. Running around on the tennis court doesn’t hurt anymore thanks to this product. Highly recommended!!,

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