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The Oppo Medical Gel Bunion Sleeve keeps a gel pad over your bunion and relieves the pain it causes.

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The Oppo Medical Gel Bunion Sleeve keeps a gel pad over bunions and relieves the pain they cause. The sleeve performs three primary functions:

  • It creates a barrier between your metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint and your shoe. This protects you from the pain you would experience if your joint was rubbing directly against the inside of your shoe.
  • It realigns your big toe joint into the correct position. As a result of this straightening, the pressure on the MTP joint is reduced. This in turn improves your balance and your ability to walk and run properly.
  • Left uncorrected, bunions exert pressure on the ligaments of the foot and can create long term damage. By reducing the pressure of the bunion on the MTP joint, the Oppo Medical Gel Bunion Sleeve averts this damage and the other complications it can cause.

Bunion sleeves are preferred by some people to bunion pads, as they are less likely to fall off. They can be worn similarly to a sock and therefore feel more natural and comfortable.

You should initially wear your bunion sleeve for short periods only and gradually increase the periods as you get used to the sleeve. Like a shoe, it will stretch slightly after you have worn it for a while.

If you experience any discomfort, remove the sleeve for a few hours.

Bunion sleeves are likely to be more effective with mild to moderate bunions. For more severe cases, your doctor may prescribe other approaches including surgery.

Oppo Medical Gel Bunion Sleeve – Application Instructions

  • Start from the tip of your toes and pull the bunion sleeve on as you would a sock.
  • Pull back to allow your foot to slide through the opening
  • Adjust the sleeve so that it fits properly over the bunion and gives the required protection.

Oppo Medical Gel Bunion Sleeve – Indications

  • Painful, sensitive part of the big toe
  • Bunions


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