EcoGel 100 Imaging Ultrasound Gel

Eco-Med EcoGel 100® Imaging Ultrasound Gel is manufactured mainly for use in diagnostic imaging as well as in other external procedures that require a thinner medium.

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Eco-Med EcoGel 100® Imaging Ultrasound Gel is an ultrasound gel with exceptionally low viscosity of 35,000-45,000 cps that is manufactured mainly for diagnostic imaging as well as other external procedures for which a thin medium is required.

The purpose of ultrasound gel is to act as a conducive medium between the skin and the transducer/probe of the ultrasound unit. By so doing, it facilitates the efficient transfer of the waves produced by the unit to the tissues of the body and, in particular, to the organs or other structures that need to be imaged. Ultrasound waves do not have very high conductivity through air, and dry skin contains lots of air bubbles that would adversely affect image quality. Ultrasound gel is designed and used to counteract these factors and offer a highly conductive medium that will optimize image quality.

Eco-Med EcoGel 100® Imaging Ultrasound Gel is designed for use by technicians who prefer a thinner gel or for procedures for which a thinner gel is better suited. For example, sonographers may prefer a lower viscosity gel for OB-GYN imaging or other applications that involve imaging a large surface area. In these situations, a lower viscosity gel will minimize the “snow plow” effect often experienced with higher viscosity gels.

Despite its thinness, it offers similar conductivity as the thicker Eco-Med gels. The ultra low viscosity of this gel helps to generate a clearer image due to its ability to be spread in thinner layers and to minimize trapped air bubbles.

Eco-Med EcoGel 100® Imaging Ultrasound Gel – Key Features

  • Eco-Med EcoGel 100Eco-Med EcoGel 100® Imaging Ultrasound Gel Imaging Ultrasound Gel is salt, alcohol and perfume free, thus minimizing the risk of allergic reactions for the patient.
  • The gel is highly conductive and non corrosive
  • Containers have a twist cap that facilitates accurate dispensing
  • It does not contain Propylene Glycol
  • It is available either in 8 oz bottles  or as squeezable cubes together with dispenser bottles.
  • The bottles have a flip top cap to facilitate quick refilling
  • The packaging is recyclable, so your use of this product will not damage the environment.



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