Mettler Tens Unit

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The MettlerTens Unit comes in two model types, both of which are designed for nerve stimulation and treatment of back pain

The Mettler Tens Unit is designed for easy portability as well as nerve stimulation and treatment of back pain. Tens units are designed to deliver an electrical signal that helps to reduce pain and this machine will do exactly that. Supplied with a carrying case to simplify taking the unit to work or even on vacation trips.

The Mettler comes in two model types the 210 and the 210T. The 210T includes a timer for greater user convenience.

Included with each unit is a set of four V-Trode self adhesive electrodes, together with a 9 volt battery and a detailed set of instructions.

Mettler Tens Unit – Technical Specifications

  • Dual Channels;
  • Signal intensity: 0 to 80 mA;
  • Output: 0-100V constant current;
  • Pulse rate: 2-150 Hz;
  • Pulse width” 30-260 microseconds (210T only), 30 or 60 minutes;
  • Waveform: Asymmetrical biphasic square wave. You can read about the benefits of this choice of waveform here. Among other things, test subjects felt the square waveform was comfortable and effective at stimulating the wrist flexor and extensor muscles.


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