Direct TENS

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The Direct Tens from Chattanooga is designed for ease of use by patients facing painful conditions like arthritis.

SKU: CH-2527116-INT

The Direct TENS from Chattanooga is designed for simple pain management using transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. It’s ease of use is designed to meet the needs of patients in pain. The unit incorporates several analgesic modes of operation and allows the user to easily switch between modes adapted to each pain zone. It is a great accessory for management of painful conditions such as arthritis in the neck.

Direct TENS – Features

  • Provides 2 channels of stimulation;
  • 13 Pre set programs (5 of which are quick select for ease of use);
  • Uses asymmetrical biphasic waveforms, with 100% compensation
  • Supplies constant voltage up to 1000 ohms resistance;
  • Maximum amplitude of 40mA @ 1000 ohms, 250 µsec;
  • Provides pulse duration up to 250 µsec;
  • Capable of output frequency up to 1000 Hz;
  • Comes with modern, attractive design and uses soft push buttons for comfort and ease of use;
  • Adjustable timer;
  • Includes five stimulation programs – Pulse, Continuous, Burst, Multi-modulation and mixed frequency;
  • User friendly theme continues with EZ Read LCD display and user friendly controls.

The Direct TENS uses 2 1.5V AA batteries (or 1.2V AA Rechargeable batteries) for power.


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