Cefar TENS

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The Cefar TENS machine includes independent channels and both TENS and NMES functionality to offer pain management and rehab functionality in a single unit.


The Cefar Tens Machine features two independent output channels. It offers the option to provide the same program on both channels or to use two different programs simultaneously. For example, the therapist can choose to apply TENS on one channel and NMES on the other. The advantage of this “1+1” arrangement is the ability to combine pain management and rehabilitation in a single treatment, allowing for more comfortable and effective therapy.

Another standout feature of this product is its ability, when connected to acupuncture needles, to deliver electroacupuncture (EA) treatment. This offers the therapist another option for reducing patient pain and discomfort. Note : This function is for clinician use only. Acupuncture needles must be purchased separately.

The unit is designed for use by both health care professionals and patients and combines TENS and NMES functionality to offer pain management and rehabilitation therapy in one convenient unit.

In TENS mode, the Cefar Tens machine is indicated for:

  • Symptomatic management of intractable or chronic pain;
  •  Adjunctive treatment of acute pain suffered in the post-surgical or post-trauma periods;
  • Relief of pain associated with conditions like arthritis;
  • Slowing or preventing atrophy of muscles or other tissues due to disuse;
  • Maintaining or improving patient range of motion during recovery from an injury;
  • Re-educating patient muscles during the rehabilitation phase;
  • Improving local blood circulation for faster healing from injury.

Cefar TENS Machine – Other Features

  • Allows user to customized programs. Using this feature, a therapist can design a customized program in the clinic and then give the unit to a patient for home use.
  • A locking feature can be employed to ensure that patients taking the unit home can only use programs appropriate for their conditions;
  • Clinicians can monitor patient compliance by tracking hours of use since the unit was last rest (as well as total device usage);
  • Comes with a rotatable belt clip that allows convenient access to the cable outputs.

Included items

  •  1 Cefar TENS Machine;
  • Charger ;
  • (2) two pin cables;
  • Transportation pouch ;
  • Pack of 2″x2″ electrodes (4 total);
  • Necklace and clip;
  • Rotatable belt clip  ;
  • User manual and practical guide .


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