Analog TENS Model 250

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The Model 250 from BodyMed is an analog TENS unit that offers a 2 channel signal and proves 3 possible treatment modes. It is designed with user safety in mind.


The Model 250 is an Analog TENS Unit that is supplied in a hard plastic case for portability and protection from accidental damage when not in use. It delivers a 2 channel signal and offers 3 alternative treatment modes.

The Model 250 is designed with user safety as a priority.  There are protective caps to cover the knobs in the unit in order to avoid accidental changes in signal amplitude during use. Such changes can cause injury to the user if they are not noticed. This is particularly a risk during home use and when not under the supervision of a medical professional. This unit is therefore well suited for use both at home and in a clinic setting.

User safety is also enhanced by the inclusion of a timer that allows you to set precisely the length of treatment you want and ensure that the unit will stop when that time is reached.

You can also monitor the treatment being received on the large easy to read analog display.

The Analog TENS Unit – Model 250 comes ready for use with a plastic carrying case, 2 lead wires, 4 electrodes, a nine volt battery and an operating manual.

This is a great accessory for treating chronic pain from conditions like arthritis or a lower back muscle sprain.

Analog TENS Unit – Model 250: Technical Specifications

  • Pulse Intensity: 0-80 mA (adjustable) into 500 ohm load;
  • Pulse Frequency: 2Hz – 120Hz (adjustable);
  • Pulse width: automatically varied in a 6 second interval.


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