Cefar Rehab X2

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The Cefar Rehab X2 comes with Cefar Easy Touch and a preset program with comfortable stimulation.

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The Cefar Rehab X2 is a combination TENS and NMES unit:

  • Cefar Flow TENS with mixed frequency (Han-stimulation) and several pain relief programs;
  • NMES mode with rehab programs for both neurological and orthopedic applications;
  • NMES mode also offers alternating stimulation & strength programs with active rest, warm up, recovery and massage programs.

The Cefar Rehab X2 offers the following technological features:

  • Cefar Easy Touch with automatic intensity adjustment. With this feature, intensity is automatically set at the optimal level at just the touch of a button. It is then automatically adjusted based on the results of an auto test analysis. Easy Touch simplifies treatment and offers assurance that stimulation will take place both optimally and effectively;
  • Programability – the Cefar Rehab X2 allows the user to create and save 3 personalized programs for customized treatments.

This unit is a great option for treatment of painful conditions such as  elbow arthritis.

Cefar Rehab X2 – Other Features

  • Comes with a preset program with a comfortable stimulation level.
  • You can use both channels simultaneously to combine pain relief with a pleasant simulated massage;
  • Backlit screen;
  • Pause function;
  • Program lock;
  • Timer;
  • Key lock to prevent accidental program changes;
  • Self Check
  • Cones with a Two Year warranty.


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