Analog EMS Unit – Model 550

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The Model 550 Analog EMS unit from BodyMed is designed for use at home, in the office or at a clinic and can deliver any of three signal waveforms for superior effectiveness in musle rehabilitation or strength conditioning.



The Model 550 from BodyMed is an Analog EMS unit designed for convenience and ease of use. It is usable at home, in the office or in a clinical setting. This unit is ideally suited for Electromagnetic Stimulation therapy aimed at rehabilitating atrophied or damaged muscles. It can also be used as part of a srength conditioning program.

It is recommended that you consult with your healthcare provider to ensure that use of this unit is safe. You should also use it under the supervision of a qualified medical practitioner.

Safety is also a consideration in the design of the unit, as it features a safety amplitude cap.

The unit is capable of delivering three distnict waveforms – asymmetrical, bi-phasic and square pulse.

Included with the Analog EMS – Model 550 are lead wires, 4 BodyMed brand electrodes a nine volt battery, hard carryng case and an operating manual. The unit also comes with a one year warranty.

Model 550 Analog EMS Unit – Other Key Features

Other notable features of this unit are:

  • An included hard plastic case that keeps the unit safe from accidental falls when not in use and helps protect your investment;
  • Dual controllable output channels;
  • Three possible treatment modes – synchronous, constant and alternation;
  • Three available signal waveforms – asymmetrical, bi-phasic and square pulse;
  • For user safety, the unit has a timer that offers fixed 30 and 60 minute program durations in addition to a third setting that allows continuous use.

Technical Specifications

  • Adjustable 0-80 mA peak into 500 ohm load on each channel, with constant current pulse amplitude;
  • 250 ms fixed pulse width;
  • 2Hz – 120 Hz adjustable pulse rate;
  • ON Ramp adjustable 1-8 seconds;
  • Can cycle ON & OFF.



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