Mabis RediScan Infrared Thermometer

Mabis RediScan Infrared Thermometer

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The Mabis RediScan Infrared Thermometer uses infrared technology to take the temperatures of a patient’s foreheads without any physical contact. With Nite-Glo® technology, automatic shut off and a five year warranty, this thermometer has all the features you need to monitor your family’s health.

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The Mabis RediScan Infrared Thermometer uses infrared technology to take the temperatures of a patient’s foreheads without any physical contact. It only needs to be held 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches from the forehead.

This thermometer can be used to take your child’s temperature without disturbing him or her. In addition, there is no risk of an infection being passed on to another person who subsequently uses the thermometer.

A household with young children needs a reliable thermometer, as a rising temperature is often the first sign that a child has contracted a virus or is falling prey to an infection of some kind. In these circumstances, an early warning allows you to seek medical assistance before your child’s condition becomes more complicated.

A Nite-Glo® display allows the temperature reading to be taken in the darken. In cases of some illnesses (e.g. migrain) the child will be sensitive to light, making this a valuable feature.

The Mabis RediScan Infrared Thermometer sounds a tone when the highest temperature is reached, signaling that the reading has been completed.

The thermometer has a memory recall of the last reading so you can judge whether your child’s temperature is higher or lower than it was when you last took it.

To conserve battery power, the thermometer automatically shuts off after one minute.

You can invest in this thermometer with confidence as it carries a five year warranty.

To clean your thermometer, wash it with a mild soap in lukewarm water or, alternatively, using rubbing alcohol. When not in use, store it away in a safe place, out of the reach of children.

Mabis RediScan Infrared Thermometer – Other features

  • Automatic shut-off
  • °F/°C switchable
  • Peak temperature tone
  • Memory recall of last reading
  • Wide-range readout: 50°F-122°F on person, 32°F-221°F on object/liquid
  • Includes: 2 – AAA batteries and 1 drawstring pouch
  • 5 year warranty

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