LP EmbioZ Elbow Compression Sleeve

LP EmbioZ Elbow Compression Sleeve

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The LP EmbioZ Elbow Compression Sleeve inspires extraordinary possibilities and enhances sports performance with seamless compression and the LP EmbioZ Power System.

The Power System acts on the elbow joint to increase elbow extension stability and proprioception. Additionally, it improves the accuracy of elbow motion. Finally, it improves kinetic chain movement of elbow flexion and extension. This accumulates energy and enhances performance of sports related activities like throwing, striking, bowling and smashing.

The elbow sleeve provides appropriate compression for the elbow. This improves blood flow circulation which in turn increases endurance and reduces muscle strains.


Measure around the elbow joint

Small - 8" - 9.5"
Medium - 9.5" - 11"
Large - 11" - 12.5"
X-Large - 12.5" - 14"
XXL - 14" - 15.5:
XXXL - 15.5" - 17"


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