Bio Skin Compression Shorts with Groin Wrap

Bio Skin Compression Shorts with Groin Wrap

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Increase endurance and reduce injury

The high-level compression provided by Bio Skin Compression Shorts with Groin Wrap has been shown to improve athletic performance and endurance by decreasing muscle vibration. Bio Skin’s patented, breathable material allows moisture from your body to evaporate to keep you cool, so the shorts are comfortable to wear.

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Bio Skin Compression Shorts with Groin Wrap have been shown to decrease muscle vibration and thus improve athletic performance and endurance. This also reduces the risk of injury.

They are made of tri-laminate Ultima material, which is amazingly thin and provides high level compression with powerful Lycra and a polyurethane film. The film allows moisture vapor transfer so that perspiration evaporates, thus facilitating the body’s natural temperature regulation system. Like all Bio Skin materials, Ultima is hypo-allergenic and 100% neoprene and latex free.

The Bio Skin Groin Wrap provides additional compression to an injured hip flexor or upper hamstring. The user can adjust the tension of the wrap to obtain a fit that is both secure and comfortable.

Bio Skin Compression Shorts with Groin Wrap- Features and Benefits

  • Reduce injuries
  • Controls muscle movements to improve recovery time after injury
  • Increases proprioception
  • Optional Cinch Strap isolates compression for quad and hamstring
  • Optional Groin Wrap isolates compression for groin and hamstring
  • Constructed of Bio Skin Ultima™ material
  • Latex and neoprene free

Bio Skin Compression Shorts with Groin Wrap – Conditions and Indications

  • Quad Contusion
  • Hip Flexor Strain
  • Ischiocapsular Strain
  • Iliofemoral Sprain
  • Thigh Strain
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