Curity Eye Pads

Curity Eye Pads

Curity Eye Pads can be used after an eye injury or surgery as a bandage over the eye for protection or absorption of secretions.


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Curity Eye Pads are sterile, ready to use products for instant eye relief and post surgical care.

These eye pads are constructed from long fibered and absorbent cotton filler on the inside. They are covered externally with a fine mesh gauze and have an oval, contoured shape that matches the shape of the eye.

Those who have suffered eye injuries can use Curity Eye Pads as a bandage over the eye for protection or absorption of secretions. Doctors can also use them in the operating room and for application to the eye following injury or surgery.  They will reduce the likelihood of introduction of infection.

The eye pads come in sterile, ready to use peel back packaging. There is one eye pad per package in a convenient dispensing carton. Size is 1.625″ by 2.625″.

Curity Eye Pads – Indications

  • Eye injury,i.e. to heal the eye following trauma such as a corneal abrasion.
  • Eye rest, e.g. following hyphaema or vitreous haemorrhage
  • After application of eye medication.
  • Eye protection, e.g. following eye surgery
  • In general, we would recommend these for anyone requiring clean, smooth cotton protection during eye healing.

Curity Eye Pads – Instructions For Use

While wearing the pad, it is important not to open the affected eye under it. If necessary, the eyelids should be taped closed before application of the pad. Wash hands before and after applying the eye pad.

  • Attach a strip of adhesive tape to the eye pad
  • With both eyes closed, position the eye pad diagonally over the lids of the affected eye.
  • Attach the tape firmly but gently to the forehead and cheek
  • Attach a second and third strips of tape to keep the pad lying flat.
  • If necessary, an additional shield (known as a Cartella shield) can be applied over the eye pad for extra protection.

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