WaveLength UltraSound Lotion

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Product Attributes


Wavelength Ultrasound Lotion is the ideal solution for those seeking a medium viscosity transmission medium for their procedures. It uses a bacteriostatic formula that inhibits growth of bacteria and is also greaseless and non staining.

Wavelength Ultrasound Lotion is our recommended solution if you are seeking a medium viscosity alternative to gel. Patients will appreciate its convenience, as they can simply rub it into the skin after completion of therapy. It is a perfect complement for our ultrasound products.

Lotion is supplied in either:

  • A 3.78L Jug;
  • A 5L Uni-Pac Cube (250 ml fillable bottle included);
  • 100 ml tube;
  • 250 ml bottle
  • 500 ml bottle; or
  • 1L bottle.

Wavelength UltraSound Lotion – Additional Features

  • Contains aloe vera for skin nutrition;
  • Salt, alcohol and dye free;
  • Made from an advanced water soluble, hypoallergenic and bacteriostatic formulation that will inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria;
  • Optimum conductivity;
  • Non corrosive;
  • Greaseless & non staining for additional patient convenience.



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