Intelect Focus Shockwave

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The Intelect Focus Shockwave machine from Chattanooga is designed to allow precise targeting and can penetrate tissues to a depth of up to 4.7″. For use by Healthcare Professionals only.

SKU: CH-21090-INT

Chattanooga’s Intelect Focus Shockwave will take your clinic’s therapeutic capabilities to a new level. It allows you to offer Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) to your paitents and treat conditions ranging from plantar fasciitis to patellar tendinitis and metatarsalgia.

ESWT works by producing a small but high energy wave (a “shockwave”) from an underwater explosion. This high energy wave is then focused through a lens and directed into damaged tissue.

ESWT can be used for treatments in urology, cardiology, neurology and orthopedics. Although the wave is high energy, it can be focused with high precision, making ESWT a safe therapeutical option for your patients.

The Intelect Focus Shockwave uses a reflector that allows precise targeting by focusing its acoustic wave to small areas of the body and facilitating deep tissue penetration.

The Focus is easily portable but, like other Chattanooga modalities such as the Intelect Transport Combo, you can also purchase a cart that can be used to easily and safely move this expensive piece of equipment from one place to another in your clinic.

If you are curious about the results of studies into shockwave therapy effectiveness, you can find more information on that topic here.

Intelect Focus Shockwave – Key Features

Other key features of this innovatiive design are:

  • Simplified and user friendly controls thanks to its LCD touch screen;
  • 2 stand-off variations;
  • Deep (4.7″) tissue penetration allied with pinpoint accuracy;
  • Portability that allows you to manoevre the machine to the place that is most convenient for you and your patient;

Standard Accessories

The Intelect Focus is available with the following accessories:

  • Waterbag;
  • Silicone oil;
  • Operating manual stored on a Compact Disc;
  • Handpiece holder;
  • Dual stand offs I and II – (Short & Long respectively)
  • Close ring for stand offs I and II.



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