TENA Classic Plus Incontinence Brief

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TENA Classic Plus Incontinence Briefs are designed for comfort and dignity and feature InstaDri technology, curved elastics, moisture proof lining, hook fasteners and a soft, non woven backsheet to keep patients comfortable and dry. Available in sizes, Medium, Large and X-Large.


TENA Classic Plus Incontinence Briefs are designed to provide comfort to patients suffering from incontinence as well as dignity. They are suitable for use by patients suffering from moderate to heavy bowel and bladder incontinence.

Key Features of these incontinence briefs are:

  • Use of InstaDri Skin Caring system technology to wick moisture away from the skin and keep the patient dry and comfortable. This comprises a dual core  and super absorbent polymers chosen to pull the patient’s urine away from his/her skin;
  • A backsheet made from soft, non woven material in order to be gentle on the skin;
  • Moisture proof lining to protect the patient’s clothes and bed linen from urine;
  • Curved elastics for additional wearing comfort and protection from leakage;
  • A visual wetness indicator to obviate the need to physically check the brief for urine;
  • Hook fasteners for an adjustable fit.

TENA Classic Plus Incontinence Briefs are available in sizes Medium (12 to a bag), Large (12 to a bag) and X-Large (15 per bag). Colours are white, blue and beige respectively.

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