Phlebotomy Sharps Container

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1 Quart

This sharps container is designed to facilitate the safe storage and disposal of sharp edged or pointed instruments after use in vaccination, blood drawing or other similar procedures.

SKU: DM-1639


The phlebotomy sharps container is designed to complement blood drawing trays to facilitate point of use disposal of instruments such as hypodermic needles. As the name implies, it is designed to safely hold objects with sharp points that can cause skin punctures or cuts if not properly secured. These might include needles, syringes, infusion sets and connection needles, to name a few examples. They will help keep health care practitioners safe from possible infection by blood borne pathogens due to unintentional needle-sticks or other similar accidents.

Sharps containers are recommended by the US FDA for use by health care facilities to ensure safe disposal of needles and other sharp objects.

This container is 1 Quart in size and is bright red in color. The square base adds to stability and helps prevent accidental spills. It is usable with either a screw top or dual opening lids.

It can also be mounted on a wall if cart or shelf space is in short supply.


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