Rusch Nasopharyngeal Airways

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Rusch nasopharyngeal airways can be used to secure the nasal passageway of a conscious or unconscious patient and will allow the patient to continue breathing.



Rusch nasopharyngeal airways are used to secure the nasal passageway to keep it open and allow an injured patient to continue breathing. These airways are also known as nasal trumpets (because of the flared end) or nose hoses belong to a class of medical devices known as airway adjuncts. Orapharyngeal airways like the Guedel emergency airway kit also belong to this class.

Nasopharyngeal airways can, unlike orapharyngeal ones, be used with conscious patients because they will not induce a gag reflex. However, they should not be used with patients suffering from nosebleeds or who have had a nasal fracture.

Another potential use for a Rusch nasopharyngeal airway is as a stent for treating obstructive sleep apnea. Findings presented at SLEEP 2018 indicated that these airways are effective, well tolerated and convenient when used to treat patients with moderate to severe sleep apnea

The airways are sold in sterile packaging and should remain sealed until they are about to be used. They also come in several sizes. See the sizing tab for instructions on selecting the correct size for your patient.


Select the proper size airway by measuring the distance between the tip of your patient's earlobe to the tip of the nose.

In addition, the diameter of the airway should be the largest that will fit. To determine this, select a size that approximates the diameter of the patient's little finger.


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