Rolyan Polyform Moldable Splints

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Rolyan Polyform Modable Splints are made from thermoplastic material that can be shaped to meet the needs of a wide variety of patients and require only minimal handling to achieve superior results.


Rolyan Polyform Moldable Splints can (like the SAM Splint) be shaped to a variety of sizes to accommodate varying limb shapes and sizes. When heated, the splints become moldable and they stiffen while cooling.

The splints are also bondable if the heated surfaces are pinched together. For an even firmer (permanent bond) remove the splint coating with a sharp instrument or liquid remover.The choice between coated and uncoated bonding depends the ease of handling required and on whether a long term splint is needed.

Moldable Splint Perforation Options

These splints are available with 2 perforation options, offering alternative comfort levels for the patient:

  • The solid perforation option gives maximum support and stabilization to provide the best healing results with no compromise for comfort;
  • The 1% perforation option provides slight ventilation for greater patient comfort while still providing high levels of rigidity and stabilization for optimum healing.

Rolyan Moldable Splint – Thickness Options

These moldable splints are also  available at 2 levels of thickness. The 1/16″ thickness option allows for easier cutting when cold and is a good choice for treating children as well as finger and hand fractures. The 1/8″ thickness option is suitable for joint stabilization, contractures and fracture bracing. It should be consider when splinting larger joints and bones in both the upper and lower body.




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