Exercise Tubing

Resist-A-Band Exercise Tubing are an inexpensive, portable and lightweight means of taking resistance exercise equipment with you when you travel (compared to dumbbells, for example).

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Blue – Extra Heavy, Green – Heavy, Orange – Medium, Purple – Special Heavy, Silver – Super Heavy, White – Thin

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Resist-A-Band Exercise Tubing is a rubber tube used for exercise and rehabilitation that comes in various colors, each signifying a different resistance level. Each tube is 100 feet in length.

Resistance tubing is an inexpensive, portable and lightweight means of taking resistance exercise equipment with you when you travel (compared to dumbbells, for example). You can easily stash it in your suitcase or store it in a closet in your hotel room.

There are several levels of resistance and you can even vary the resistance offered by a single piece of tubing by adjusting the amount of slack when you exercise.

You can use Resist-A-Band Exercise Tubing to exercise virtually every major muscle group in your body. Unlike using dumbbells or barbells, you do not need to have someone with you to act as a “spotter” when you are exercising with resistance tubing.

Resist-A-Band Exercise Tubing – Care & Maintenance

  • To clean your resistance tubing, simply wipe it with a clean dry cloth. Avoid using soap or other chemicals on the tubes.
  • Do not store your resistance tubing near sharp or pointed objects
  • Do not expose your resistance tubing to high temperatures. It is made of rubber and heat could melt it or cause other damage.

Choosing The Correct Resist-A-Band Exercise Tubing Resistance Level

The first step in choosing the correct resistance level is to evaluate your own fitness level. In general, you should buy a size suited to your current resistance level, not the level you are aiming for.

If you are exceptionally frail, or recovering from injury, you should look towards the extra light resistance level. The light resistance level is appropriate for use by those recovering from injury as well as by women. The medium resistance level is usually suited to a male of average fitness or an untrained woman. Untrained active men, or active women, should use the heavy resistance level, while the extra heavy level should be used by trained and active men and women.The ultra heavy resistance level is suited to female bodybuilders and exceptionally strong men.


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