CanDo® Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat

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This Yoga Mat is comfortably padded but portable enough to be taken anywhere. Non skid underside adds to user safety during exercise.


The CanDo® Yoga Mat is lightweight, but comfortably cushioned and durable. Despite its extra padding it is thin enough for you to roll it-up and take it anywhere you please – work, vacation trips or even on holiday.  It is compact enough that you can form a roll compact enough to fit into a gym bag.

Polymer environmental resin yoga mats such as this one comply with the European Environmental Protection test standard.  It is 100% free of phthalates, dioxin, furons, phenol and heavy metals.

For added user safety, the mat has a non skid underside that provides traction during exercise and keeps it from sliding on the floor.

Dimensions are 68″ long x 24″ wide x 0.25″ or 0.125″”  thick.


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