2-Layer Round Foam Roller

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This 2-Layer Round Foam Roller has a premium 2-layer design comprising  a standard 4″ core made from dense material and a color coded outer layer with  different firmness levels. Ideal for rehab work, Pilates exercises and a host of other workouts.


The CanDo® 2-Layer Round Foam Roller has a premium 2-layer design. The core is made from dense material while the outer layer is uniquely designed  to have different firmness levels.

The total diameter of the roller is 6″.  The high density core has a 4″ diameter while the outer layer measures 1″  in thickness. It provides the foam roller with comfort and firmness and wraps around the core.

The outer layer of the foam roller comes in 3 firmness levels. It is also color-coded to indicate the specific firmness level.

This roller is the ideal accessory for rehab exercises to treat upper/lower back pain, calf sprains, hamstring strains and many other types of injuries.  Patients can also use it for Pilates exercises or for  core, abdominal, back stabilization and strengthening workouts.


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