Cavicide Disinfectant Spray - 24oz

Cavicide Disinfectant Spray – 24oz


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SKU: 080MC1024


Cavicide Disinfectant Spray – 24oz is a ready to use highly effective cleaner and disinfectant. It is designed for use on the surfaces of inanimate objects and non critical medical instruments. For this purpose, non critical instruments are those that contact only intact skin during regular use. Stethoscopes and bedpans are examples of these. You can also use this product in hospital operating rooms, isolation areas, neonatal units and other areas in which environmental control of cross contamination is a priority.

Cavicide Disinfectant Spray – 24oz will also effectively clean and disinfect items such as infant incubators and bassinets, operating room tables and lights and other inanimate surfaces.

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