Sombra Natural Pain Relieving Gel

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Sombra Cosmetics warm pain relieving gel will help reduce joint stiffness and pain and promote improved blood circulation through injured tissue. The result will be greater relief from acute or chronic injuries and faster healing through improved circulation.

SKU: DM-8412

Sombra Cosmetics’ pain relieving gel delivers outstanding warm therapy to improve blood circulation and ease many common aches and pains, including 9but not limited to) backache, arthritis, tendonitis and more. The gel has an attractive orange-citrus scent that will be enjoyed after an application. It’s also non greasy and non staining, so will not cause discomfort or damage your clothing.

Wear Sombra pain relieving gel all day and benefit from its long term relief. Conditions like arthritis that combine pain with joint stiffness will especially benefit from its soothing warmth.

Made in the USA. Comes in an 8oz jar.


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