Darco MedSurg

Darco MedSurg

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The Darco MedSurg shoe is the most versatile postoperative shoe on the market today. EVA insole features twice the padding of standard insoles and can be modified as needed.

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The  Darco MedSurg is a highly versatile postoperative shoe with a fully customizable insole that is double-padded and removable to accommodate the PegAssist™ (PTQ Series) off-loading insole.

Features and Benefits

  • Rocker sole that promotes wound care by reducing plantar pressure on the heel and forefoot by over 25%
  • Square-toe design acts as a bumper to protect the toes when k-wires are present and provides better left/right fit
  • MetaShank™ protection provides more rigid control under the metatarsal heads
  • Forefoot Closure eliminates buckle pressure on the forefoot and can expand to accommodate dressing up to 17 inches in circumference.

Darco MedSurg – Indications

  • After foot surgery or when K-wires are present
  • When large bandages or dressing are required
  • As a platform for the PegAssist™ (PTQ Series) insole when off-loading wounds



•Small - Women 4 - 6 / Men 6 - 8
•Medium - Women 6.5 - 8 / Men 8.5 - 10
•Large - Women 8.5 - 10 / Men 10 5. 12
•X-large - Men 12.5 - 14


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