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Large, Medium, Small, X-Large

The LP Rib Belt compresses the thoracic area following surgery or rib fractures and also restricts rib motion and chest expansion. The belt has an adjustable hook and loop closure for easy application and is available in male and female versions.

The LP Rib Belt compresses the thoracic area after surgery or a rib fracture. It helps restrict rib motion and chest expansion.

The belt reduces pain caused by sudden chest and/or rib cage expansion. It also provides support for ribs that are injured and/or bruised.

The belt has an adjustable hook and loop closure to simplify application and is available in male and female versions. This adjustable design can accommodate most body sizes.

The Rib Belt is sufficiently low profile to fit comfortably under your clothing.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Fractured Rib?

A rib fracture is usually the result of a blow to the chest, as might be sustained in an automobile accident. In rare cases, it could be the result of a severe coughing fit. However, in situations like these there are usually other contributing causes like osteoporosis.

  • Mild ranging to severe pain in the rib cage area.
  • Pain when breathing or when someone pushes you in the chest or breastbone.
  • Symptoms may also include shortness of breath and/or a headache.

Besides Wearing The LP Rib Belt, What Are The Other Things To Do To Recover?

As mentioned, please consult your doctor on the steps to recovery, including whether and how long you should wear the rib belt.

Your doctor may suggest that you can expect to need at least six weeks for the injury to heal. In addition, you should plan to take some time away from work in order to rest the injury and give your ribs a chance to heal. This is particularly the case if your job involves lifting heavy loads or any other physically arduous tasks.

What Steps Should I Take Before Wearing The LP Rib Belt?

If you believe that you have fractured or damaged one or more of your ribs, the first thing to do is to see your doctor and follow his or her advice. If you have been struck powerfully enough to break a rib, you could also have sustained damage to your lungs, spleen, blood vessels or other internal organs. Fractured ribs are commonly accompanied by a punctured or collapsed lung (or lungs).

In many cases, your doctor may advise against taping or wrapping your ribs. In any event, the best thing to do is to follow his or her advice.

LP Rib Belt – Indications

  • Chest pain
  • Intercostal muscle strain
  • Rib fracture

Measure around the chest, just above the lower rib

Small - 23 - 26" / 58.4 - 60.0cm

Medium - 26 - 30" / 60.0 - 76.2cm

Large - 30 - 35" / 76.2 - 88.9cm

X-Large - 35 - 40" / 88.9 - 101.6cm


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