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The LP Rib Belt provides compression to the thoracic area following surgery or rib fractures and helps restrict rib motion and chest expansion.

It helps to reduce pain due to the sudden expansion of the chest and rib cage, and provides firm support for injured or bruised ribs.

It has an adjustable hook and loop closure for easy application and is available in male and female versions.

The Rib Belt fits comfortably under clothing and is designed with an adjustable hook and loop closure for easy application. The adjustable design fits most body sizes.


  • Chest pain
  • Intercostal muscle strain
  • Rib fracture

Measure around the chest, just above the lower rib

Small - 23 - 26" / 58.4 - 60.0cm

Medium - 26 - 30" / 60.0 - 76.2cm

Large - 30 - 35" / 76.2 - 88.9cm

X-Large - 35 - 40" / 88.9 - 101.6cm


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