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Beige, Black, Blue, Grey


All, Child, Junior, Small/Junior, Large, Medium, Medium/Large, Small

  • The Symmetric Designs Headmaster Collar offers a cool and comfortable solution to the problems of patients with weakened neck muscles.
  • Patients that will benefit include those with compromised physical abilities due to problems like ALS (a.k.a.  Lou Gehrig’s disease), arthritis, motor neurone disease and many other conditions.
  • Opens the trachea and esophagus to reduce interference with breathing
  • The collar allows access to a tracheal tube while being worn. This device is important for some patients with neurological illnesses
  • Designed for simple application and removal, with no special technical training being required.
  • Is also easy to clean and maintain.
  • Can easily be bent by hand to accommodate individual patient preferences and comfort needs.
  • Also available is a wide range of accessories to accentuate the benefits of the Headmaster collar – these include a Neck Pad, Anterior Support and Extension Pads. Please see below for more information.
  • Highly modular design with individual parts being easy and economical to replace if and when required.

The Symmetric Designs Headmaster Collar is a comfortable head support with low heat retention to keep the patient cool. It is designed to be simple to apply and remove, courtesy of its quick release velcro. Maintenance (cleaning etc) is also straightforward. The patient will experience improved breathing and swallowing as the support opens the trachea and esophagus. This improvement in the ability to perform daily functions is one of the key benefits of using an orthopedic support for the treatment of conditions like arthritis. Patients suffering from other motor neurone diseases (like Lou Gehrig’s disease) can similarly benefit from wearing supports like the Headmaster Collar.

For the fitter, the Symmetric Designs Headmaster Collar offers good access to a tracheal tube if the patient needs one. It is also easy to fit and the fitter can simply bend it by hand as needed. If there is a need to modify its function, there are several accessories that are available for this purpose. Another advantage of the collar lies in the fact that all parts are replaceable. This makes for economical long term use, as you will not need to replace the entire device even if only one part is damaged or wears out.

In addition to these benefits, you will only need to perform a single measurement to determine the correct size.

Symmetric Designs Headmaster Collar – Indications

Patients can use the Headmaster Collar for relief of the following conditions:

In general, any patient suffering from a condition that weakens the neck muscles will benefit from the use of the Symmetric Designs Headmaster Collar.

Sizes available are Infant, Child, Junior,Small, Medium and Large. Please use the size chart under the Sizing tab on this page to determine the correct size for your patient.

Colors available are Grey, Black, Beige & Blue.

Headmaster Collar – Accessories

In addition to the collar itself, there are a number of optional accessories you can buy that will improve support and increase wearing comfort. They are:

  • Anterior Support – provides firm resistance to flexion. This support should be removed during transportation of the collar. The anterior support comes with its own chin pad. This is due to the fact that, although the anterior support increases flexion resistance of the collar, it also increases the rigidity at the front of the collar. When this happens, the chin pad will help to ease the strain on the chin;
  • Neck Pad – This provides extra support for the back of the patient’s head. The patient will enjoy greater wearing comfort as a result. He will also benefit from additional head support in extension. The neck pad can be a great help when the patient is travelling or undergoing conditions that cause instability (e.g. in an airplane going through turbulence). Another situation that may call for the neck pad is the patient is in a reclining position against a relatively rigid surface such as some wheelchair headrests;
  • Extension Pads – These provide additional support for the patient’s neck.They can also be positioned to provide more central support or greater lateral support as necessary. The benefit of this will be greater lateral head control. Extension pads may be beneficial if the patient is experiencing lateral instability that is producing side to side head movements. The pads attach by means of a directly attached small Velcro strip. Just push the pad onto the inside strapping to install it.;
  • Chin Pad – In addition to being included with the anterior support, the chin pad may be purchased separately and used on the chest portion of the collar to provide additional padding and greater comfort as a result. Even if the patient does not need one in the initial stages of wearing the anterior support, he or she may come to need one in the future, especially if he or she is dealing with a progressive condition such as ALS.
Sizing Chart

Bend the Collar to the desired height & width by hand.
- It will stay in the shape you set it.
- Bend the Collar to clear the clavicles (collar bones) if necessary.
- A chin pad can be added to the chest portion of the Collar for extra padding if needed.
- Use accessories for extra flexion and extension support.

Final Checks
-Check that the Collar fits snugly under the chin.
- The neckstrap should be around the back of the neck only.
- For extra support use the Neck Pad or the Extension Pads (see accessories) to resist extension of the neck.
- Use the Anterior Support to rigidify the Collar, if needed (see accessories).


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