It's You Babe Hip Brace

It’s You Babe Hip Brace

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The It’s You Babe Hip Brace gives compression to the pelvic cradle and sacroiliac (or SI Joints). Has been used to reduce pain and swelling during recovery after hysterectomy.

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The It’s You Babe Hip Brace is a hip support belt that compresses the pelvic cradle and sacroiliac (SI) joints.

Features and Benefits

  • Hip Stabilizer
  • S.I. Belt
  • Trochanter Belt
  • Post-surgical Incision Compression

It’s You Babe Hip Brace – Conditions and Indications

  • Useful for hip pain and instability
  • Functions to reduce post operative swelling following abdominoplasty, tummy tuck or Pfannenstiel incision

Petite - hip measurement - 24" - 32"
Small - hip measurement - 32" - 40"
Medium - hip measurement - 40" - 48"
Large - hip measurement - 48" - 56"


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