Wraparound Knee Support

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The Mueller Sports Medicine Wraparound Knee Support is an easy on/off knee support that will provide support to weak, unstable or injured knees and improve blood circulation, courtesy of its neoprene blend. Replaces the MU4532 Knee Support.

SKU: MU53457

The Mueller Sports Medicine Wraparound Knee Support will provide support to weak, unstable or injured knees. It will also help to improve blood circulation. The support and improved circulation from the Wraparound Knee Support will promote healing and boost joint flexibility.

As a wraparound design, the Wraparound Knee Support will offer simplicity of application and removal. Compared to a pull on support. its easy on wraparound design will be a particular benefit to those with limited manual dexterity. It will also offer the ability to adjust the compression to achieve the required balance between tension and comfort.

The Knee Support is made from a neoprene blend that provides uniform and reliable compression as well as therapeutic warmth that reduces joint stiffness. The Support is latex free, which frees the user from concerns about latex allergies, even if he or she has a history of latex sensitivity. The open patella design helps to improve ventilation and user comfort.

The Mueller Sports Medicine Wraparound Knee Support is a good choice for moderate non specific knee injuries or for mildly unstable, weak, still or sore knees. It is also a great choice if you are rehabilitating an injured knee and wish to reduce the risk of re-injury as you return to normal activity.

The Wraparound Knee Support is one size fits all and will fit either knee.


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