Adjustable Knee Support

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The Mueller Sports Medicine Adjustable Knee Support uses a neoprene blend and features a 4 way external adjustment system for better compression. Replaces the MU4531 Adjustable Knee Support

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The Mueller Sports Medicine Adjustable Knee Support features provides compression and warmth to help treat sore, arthritic, weak or injured knees. The neoprene blend used for this sleeve is the perfect choice to provide compression and warmth, both of which help to reduce knee pain and reduce discomfort.The Adjustable Knee Support’s patella opening is anatomically designed for superior wearing comfort. In addition, the support features a 4 way external adjustment system that provides better and more targeted compression. This helps to ensure that you can focus on the site of your pain and leave other areas unaffected.

In addition to these features, the Adjustable Knee Support includes a secondary strapping system to provide even more concentrated compression to the patient’s painful area. These straps are thin to help avoid uncomfortable bunching in the sensitive area behind the knee. For additional comfort, this brace is completely latex free and presents no risk of latex related allergic reactions, even when the patient has a history of these events. These comfort oriented features help to sustain patient compliance and lead to superior therapeutic outcomes.

This support is ideal for those with mild general knee problems including sore, weak, arthritic or generally painful knees. It is also helpful to those with unstable knees or who require patellar support.

The Mueller Sports Medicine Adjustable Knee Support is a One Size Fits All Knee Brace that also fits either knee.

• Align patella opening over kneecap
• Fasten bottom section behind knee
• Fasten top section behind knee
• Secure four tension straps behind knee

Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Rinse thoroughly and air dry.


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