Hinged WrapAround Knee Brace

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Product Attributes

Large, Regular, X-Large

The Mueller Sports Medicine Hinged WrapAround Knee Brace features a triaxial hinge to track your knee’s natural movement. The fitted sleeve slips on and provides maximum medial-lateral support of your weak or injured knee. Fits either knee.

The Mueller Sports Medicine Hinged WrapAround Knee Brace has sectional design and adjustable straps for controlled compression. The triaxial hinge properly tracks the knee joint producing near-normal motion. In addition, the patella buttress stabilizes and helps protect the kneecap. The brace has a comfortable open back design.

Available in size – Regular, Large and X-Large.


Measure around knee

Regular - 12" - 16" / 30 - 40cm
Large - 16" - 20" / 40 - 50cm
X-Large - 20" - 24" / 50 - 60cm

• Loosen all straps
• Align patella opening over your kneecap
• Fasten large top and bottom sections behind knee
• Secure two rear straps through loops
• Secure two front straps through loops

Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Rinse thoroughly and air dry.


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