LP X-Tremus Ankle Support

LP X-Tremus Ankle Support

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The LP X-Tremus Ankle Support has a Plantar Magic Power Band that preserves energy consumption when dorsi-flexed and enhances explosive motion while plantar flexing.

Moreover, its Double-Eight Stable Contoured Structure provides maximum stability to help prevent ankle sprains.

Its durable Fitting Knit with high permeability fabric ensures wearing durability and breathability. This in turn will make it easier for the patient to wear the brace over a prolonged period, making acomplete recovery from injury more likely.

Additionally, the brace’s J-shape silicone pad around the heel cord gently massages the area to reduce ankle pain and swelling.

LP X-Tremus Ankle Support – Indications

  • Ankle sprain
  • Instability


Measure the circumference just above ankle bone

Small - 81/8 - 85/8" / 20.5 - 22.0cm

Medium - 85/8 - 91/4" / 22.0 - 23.5cm

Large - 91/4 - 97/8" / 23.5 - 25.0cm

X-Large - 97/8 - 103/8" / 25.0 - 26.5cm

XX-Large - 103/8 - 11.0" / 26.5 - 28.0cm

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