Therapeutic Forearm Band – BandIT is the only medically designed device which aids in the relief and prevention of pain associated with Tendinitis, Tennis Elbow, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Repetitive Stress Injuries and Cumulative Trauma Disorders sustained in the workplace or in recreational environments. Designed by world renowned orthopaedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist, Donald Fareed, M.D. As a long time consultant to members of the Davis Cup, other professional sports teams and Olympic athletes, he designed BandIT based on 20 years of clinical observation and treatments of RSIs.


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The BandIT is a medically designed elbow brace that aids in the relief and prevention of pain associated with tendonitis, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive stress injuries and cumulative trauma disorders sustained during occupational or recreational activity.

The brace works with the human anatomy to aid in relief of pain. When worn as directed, it does not cut off circulation, hamper movement or cause uncomfortable swelling…A TREATMENT, NOT A TOURNIQUET.

Dr. Donald Fareed, orthopedic sports medicine specialist, the brace remains comfortable to wear over long periods of time. This is a critical factor in encouraging patient compliance that leads to complete recovery.

The BandIT allows muscles to relax, which reduces stress on tendons and muscles.

BandIT – Conditions and Indications

One Size Fits Most - Universal Left or Right

Place the BandIT on the forearm. Tighten the strap, pulling it from the underside of your arm towards you. Tighten the strap no more than is necessary to keep BandIT in place during the activity that aggravates your condition (ie; make it tighter for tennis, looser for typing). When worn, the strap between the two plates should be equal in length of each side. The plate with the logo sits on top of the arm; the other under the arm. To achieve this, pull the bottom plate (the plate without BandIT's logo) along the strap. The strap is not glued to the bottom plate. For a more customized fit, the plastic plates are bendable and may be gently squeezed for a smaller arm or flattened for a larger arm.

For persistent pain, immediately contact your health professional. If excessive moisture due to physical exertion builds under the BandIT, either place a loose fabric sleeve under it or remove it after activity to allow skin and BandIT to dry.


Washing: DO NOT MACHINE WASH OR DRY. Hand wash with warm water and mild soap. Compress pads and rinse thoroughly. With a towel, pat dry any excess water.

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