Pelvic Sling II

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SAM Pelvic Sling  is a force controlled circumferential pelvic belt with an optimized single piece design to stabilize open book pelvic ring fractures.



SAM Pelvic Sling  is a force controlled circumferential pelvic belt. It features an optimized single piece design that will help to stabilize open book pelvic ring fractures during transport to a definitive care facility.

Open book pelvic injuries are the result of anteroposterior compression injuries to the pelvis. They cause a combination of ligamentous rupture and/or fractures of both the anterior and posterior arches.

The pelvic sling comes with the patented SAM® AutoStop buckle that acts to avoid over or under tightening of the SAM Pelvic Sling. It automatically detects when the optimal compressive force has been attained, then causes 2 prongs to activate. The prongs click to provide audible confirmation that correct application has been achieved.

The sling is secured in place by way of a Velcro® strapping system.

SAM Pelvic Sling – Indications

This sling is indicated for application by prehospital and medical professionals or trained personnel, to individuals who have, or are suspected of having, a pelvic ring fracture where hemorrhaging is a possibility

Other Features

  • Designed to withstand extreme temperatures or exposure to hard or sharp objects while retaining wearing comfort for extended periods;
  • Standard size designed to fit 95% of the adult population.


Measure Hip Circumference

Small 27-45"
Standard 32-50"
Large 36-54"


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