Groin Support Wrap/Adjustable

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The The McDavid Groin Support Wrap/Adjustable is a neoprene based wrap designed to provide thermal and compression therapy to injured quadricep and hamstring tissues.


The McDavid Groin Support Wrap/Adjustable is a low profile, latex free support that provides warmth and compression to the upper thigh and hamstring areas. It boasts a highly contoured shape that allows it to fit comfortably, and makes it easy to wear all day long, during a sporting event or an exercise session.

The heat therapy of the McDavid Groin Support Wrap/Adjustable comes courtesy of its textured, non slip, inner neoprene layer. Neoprene is effective at heat retention and heat is an extremely effective agent in injury treatment. Neoprene also provides compression to injured tissues. This helps to improve blood flow through the injured area. The enhanced supply of oxygen and other nutrients to injured tissues helps to promote recovery.

The support is equipped with a hook & loop closure and fits either left or right. The adjustable nature of the support means that the patient can adjust it to precisely target the injured and painful area. The non slip nature of the neoprene layer means that it can remain precisely in its intended location, even through bouts of vigorous physical activity. Moreover, the patient can adjust the degree of compression as needs or circumstances change. For example, before embarking on a stint of strenuous activity, the patient can tighten the support for greater pain relief. Once the activity is over, he can reduce the compression to improve the comfort level.

The McDavid Groin Support Wrap/Adjustable is an effective support for treating hamstring or quadricep strains.

One Size Fits All, for ultra simple inventory planning. Fits left and right.

Content:  Made from 100% Latex-free 3.2mm Neoprene (CR) not including straps/cover fabric.


One Size Fits All


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