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The PostureMedic Posture Perfector will help you specifically target the neck and back muscles that play a key role in maintaining proper posture and avoiding lower back pain.

The PostureMedic Posture Perfector is a resistance band designed to help the patient stretch, strengthen and stabilize the back. The patient can use it as part of a 6-week program to improve posture. It will teach the patient how to stretch those tight chest, neck and back muscles. As a result of loosening tight muscles, the range of motion is improved thus facilitating straightening your back and reducing the pressure on your lower back.

The strengthening exercises you can perform with the Posture Perfector will specifically target the neck and back muscles that play a key role in maintaining proper posture. Unfortunately, these are often neglected when working out, leading to poor posture.

The PostureMedic Posture Perfector can also function as a back brace. Most of us slouch or hunch over during the day without realizing it. This compresses the spine and tightens the chest and neck. It weakens the upper back because it’s not engaged properly, and as a result, more weight is placed on the lower back. The result? Poor posture and, in some cases, lower back pain.

The Posture Medic Posture Perfector holds your shoulders further back and reminds you to “straighten up”. When you wear it, you develop the habit of straightening your back and shoulders, thus reducing lower back pain and improving posture.

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