LP Arm Sling

LP Arm Sling

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The LP Arm Sling supports the arm and carries its weight across the back and shoulder. It has an adjustable hook and loop closure for proper height adjustment and its special netting material prevents heat build up.

It is designed to immobilise the arm and shoulder and there is a deep pocket for comfort and fit. A slide buckle helps assure the arm is held in the correct position.

The thumb loop helps to hold the hand in place.

The arm sling composition is 100% polyester.

LP Arm Sling – Indications

  • Brachial nerve injury
  • Post-surgical support
  • Shoulder subluxation/dislocation
  • Upper arm fracture


Measure the length of the forearm

Small - 9 1/4 - 10"

Medium - 10 - 12"

Large - 12 - 14"

X-Large - 14 - 16"


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Product Questions & Answers (2)

Q:I am looking for a sling. When you have a cast on its hard to find something for an adult that will fit.

A:Hi Wanda, we carry the LP slings which come in small to x-large

Q: Will a big cast fit in it? Do you have a pic of it ?

A: The pouch is fairly big, it should fit. This item is on the website under braces and supports / arm slings / shoulder supports