Wraparound Ankle Support

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The Mueller wraparound ankle support is a comfort oriented ankle orthotic designed to provide warmth and support to weak, injured or arthritic ankle joints.

  • Replaces the popular 4541 Ankle Support.
  • One Size Fits Most.
SKU: MU43637

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The Mueller Wraparound Ankle Support offers an easy way to support an injured or arthritic ankle. It will provide warmth to ease ankle stiffness and reduce pain, an especially valuable feature to those suffering from ankle arthritis.

It is a One Size Fits Most support, which means that there is little risk of selecting the wrong size.

In addition, if you occasionally suffer from swollen ankles, this support will adjust to accommodate changes in joint size.

Those with unusually shaped ankles will also be able to easily customize the fit without loss of comfort or support.

Sizing Chart

One Size Fits Most.


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