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4 Great Products For Male Incontinence

In recent years, products for male incontinence in its various stages are in growing demand..

Male urinary incontinence refers to a health condition characterized by frequent accidental releases of urine. Fecal incontinence is another condition in which there are frequent accidental bowel movements. Male incontinence tends to happen more often among older individuals, but it is sometimes also experienced by younger men.

In this article , we briefly examine four great products for male incontinence in its various stages. We will select products for male urinary incontinence in the mild, moderate and severe stages of the condition.

These products are effective in helping to manage male incontinence. However, they should not be regarded as complete solutions to the problem. In many cases, they should be used in conjunction with other approaches.

Some of the broader treatments for incontinence are discussed here. However, if you are experiencing male incontinence, we suggest consulting with a doctor to understand what may be causing it. Your doctor may also be able to recommend effective treatments for the condition in addition to the products discussed below.

Products For Male Incontinence

In what follows below, we shall discuss products used to manage urinary incontinence among men. The products will be discussed separately for mild, moderate and severe stages or urinary incontinence.

Mild Urinary Incontinence

TENA Comfort Pads. These are an excellent choice when it comes to products for male incontinence of the urinary type
TENA Comfort Pads

For mild urinary incontinence among males, the most appropriate products are those from the Inserts & Pads category. These are worn inside regular underwear and act to soak up accidental urine leakages.

The technology used by incontinence pads is the same as that found in infant diapers. The main feature is a highly absorbent and hydrophobic layer of material. This layer pulls urine away from the surface of the pad and away from the wearer’s skin.

Avoiding prolonged skin contact with urine will help reduce the risk of the incontinence associated dermatitis that such contact can cause.

TENA Comfort Pads are a good example of an insert suitable for combating mild urinary incontinence among males. They feature standing leg gathers that help to reduce the risk of leakage along the legs.

They also feature TENA’s InstaDri Skin Caring system. This helps to lock moisture away from the skin and reduce the risk of incontinence dermatitis.

Moderate Urinary Incontinence

Attends Premier Underwear
Attends Premier Underwear

For moderate urinary incontinence, the affected individual can consider choosing from the Protective Underwear category. These incontinence products are meant to function as underwear items and should not be worn under regular underwear. You may also read or hear these incontinence products being referred to as “adult pull ups”.

Protective underwear products use highly absorbent padded material to handle urine leaks. They combine this with a more discreet design (compared to the incontinence briefs considered next).

This makes it easier to wear these products in regular situations such as at the office. Users can do so while continuing to enjoy confidence and security against leaks.

As mentioned before, they are sometimes known as “pull ups”. However, protective underwear products can sometimes have tear away seams to accommodate rapid removal when the need arises.

As an example of a protective underwear product for male incontinence, we suggest the Premier Underwear line from Attends healthcare Products. The many advanced features of this product include a Dry-Lock containment Core to lock liquid away from the skin. As mentioned above, this helps reduce the risk of incontinence associated dermatitis.

As a result of its many other advanced features, we suggest this product as an option for males looking to manage moderate urinary incontinence.

Moderate To Severe Urinary Incontinence

Attends DermaDry Advanced Brief
DermaDry Advanced Briefs

If the male incontinence is at the moderate to severe stage, you may wish to consider incontinence briefs as a solution. These disposable products are sometimes referred to as adult diapers.

Perhaps their main distinguishing feature is the re-fastening tab on the side of each brief. this tab permits opening and closing for adjustment or changing the diaper completely. Usually, these permit the diaper to be replaced without the need to remove other clothing.

The other main difference between briefs and protective underwear is the greater focus of the former on protection and security. This usually comes at the expense of a less discreet design.

It is therefore less practicable to wear incontinence briefs in everyday settings (such as a workplace) than protective underwear.

A suggested incontinence brief choice as a product for male incontinence is the DermaDry Advanced Brief from Attends Healthcare.

DermaDry Briefs feature highly absorbent padding allied with SmartCool Breathable materials and ConfidenceCuff protection. Overall, this line of incontinence brief provides excellent protection against the problems of moderate to severe male urinary incontinence.

Skin Care Products

TENA Cleansing Cream
TENA Cleansing Cream

Products such as inserts, pads, protective underwear and briefs will go a long way to controlling problems of male incontinence. However, they are not usually completely adequate.

As mentioned before, prolonged contact between urine and the skin can lead to problems including dermatitis.

As a result, it is wise to also invest in skin cleansing products to keep the skin properly nourished.

We suggest TENA Cleansing Cream as one option to achieve this goal. Individuals with sensitive skin will find even brief contact with urine or other bodily waste to be damaging to the skin. For these individuals, TENA Cleansing Cream will be of significant benefit in keeping the skin moisturized and properly nourished.


In this article, we have identified 4 great products for male incontinence at its various stages. In certain situations, other products such as external catheters may have to be considered. However, the products mentioned above should prove effective in managing the problems of male incontinence in the majority of situations.

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