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  • Symmetric Designs Headmaster Collar
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    Headmaster Collar

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    • The Symmetric Designs Headmaster Collar offers a cool and comfortable solution to the problems of patients with weakened neck muscles.
    • Patients that will benefit include those with compromised physical abilities due to problems like ALS (a.k.a.  Lou Gehrig’s disease), arthritis, motor neurone disease and many other conditions.
    • Opens the trachea and esophagus to reduce interference with breathing
    • The collar allows access to a tracheal tube while being worn. This device is important for some patients with neurological illnesses
    • Designed for simple application and removal, with no special technical training being required.
    • Is also easy to clean and maintain.
    • Can easily be bent by hand to accommodate individual patient preferences and comfort needs.
    • Also available is a wide range of accessories to accentuate the benefits of the Headmaster collar – these include a Neck Pad, Anterior Support and Extension Pads. Please see below for more information.
    • Highly modular design with individual parts being easy and economical to replace if and when required.
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