Non Elastic Adhesives

Non elastic adhesive tapes are made of cotton and/or polyester and have a zinc oxide adhesive mass backing. They can adhere directly to the skin as well as to other surfaces.

They will support less highly contoured body areas at a lower cost than if using elastic adhesives. However, due to their lack of elasticity, non elastic adhesives perform less satisfactorily in application to other areas like the shoulder or elbow.

Non elastic adhesive tapes fall into two categories.  Some are basic cotton tapes with a zinc oxide based adhesive. Others (rigid strapping tapes) have a rayon backing and use a stronger zinc oxide adhesive.

The more powerful adhesive in rigid strapping tapes provides additional support and stability and prevents injury. However, this adhesive may cause medical reactions in certain individuals. In these cases it may be necessary to wear a hypoallergenic fixing bandage between the tape and the skin.

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