Back Rests

Back Rests will help to prevent neck and back pain by maintaining proper curvature of the spine. They are also known as lumbar supports. Some back rests are built into chairs, while other come in the form of pillows or cushions that will provide additional support for the back during long periods of sitting.

Poorly designed seating is one of the main causes of lower back pain that can lead to the need for a lumbar support. Other causes of the problem include poor posture, improper lifting technique and obesity.

In choosing a lumbar support, the first priority should be to ensure that it matches the chair with which the patient is going to use it. Before buying, the patient should ideally spend at least 15-30 minutes testing the support with the chair he or she intends to use, to see whether it provides pain relief. The best back rests are adjustable and the patient can carry them from home to the car to the office while continuing to benefit from superior support and freedom from back pain.

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