Retail Displays

Retail displays are an essential component of the visual merchandising strategy for retail businesses. The purpose of these displays is to attract and engage customers and to retain their interest with the intention of gradually producing a sale. Retail displays fall into two main categories – window displays and shelf displays.

In creating your window displays, your main priority should be to remain topical and seasonal. You should change these displays regularly, always ensuring that the products in these displays are easy to find inside the store. However, you should not necessarily place them at the front of the store. Instead, the idea is to give potential customers a reason to explore the inside of the store where they may find additional products that spark their interest.

In creating your shelf based retail displays, avoid clutter and place the most popular products between eye and knee level. Place the most profitable products at eye level. Childrens’ products should be placed at the typical eye level for a child. In addition, pay particular attention to the displays you place at the end of each shelf.

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