Wrist Support

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Doctor examining a female patient wearing a wrist support

A wrist support brace provides general support for the tendons and ligaments of the wrist without excessively limiting wrist movement. This type of wrist brace is useful in treating general wrist weakness or instability or mild wrist sprains or strains. By limiting the range of motion of the wrist, a wrist support reduce the stresses to which the joint’s muscles, ligaments and tendons may be subjected. This gives those structures a chance to rest and recover more quickly than would otherwise be possible.

In addition to supporting and stabilizing the wrist, this type of wrist brace may apply general compression to the joint. This compression will help in reducing general wrist pain. It will also help to reduce the inflammation that may be present when the wrist is affected by tendonitis or bursitis. Compression improves blood circulation and accelerates the removal of lymphatic fluids that may be contributing to the pain and inflammation.

Although this type of wrist brace may not be ideal for night time treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome, its restriction of wrist movement  will still provide some relief from the discomfort of that condition. The patient can wear it during the daytime and it will not restrict the performance of day to day occupational or vocational  functions.

Some wrist supports (like neoprene wrist sleeves, for example) will provide general warmth to the joint. This warmth is useful for promoting blood circulation and it will also help to relieve general wrist pain. Conditions like wrist arthritis may benefit from the pain relief this warmth provides.

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