Rib Support

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A Rib Support can treat or speed recovery from problems such as chest pain, intercostal muscle strain or rib fracture. They can also help to stabilize and heal bruised or fractured ribs. They can stabilize the rib cage throughout the period of recovery from injury. In some cases they are used to promote recovery from surgery in the rib cage area. These devices are also called rib belts. Some people also refer to a rib support as a rib binder or a rib compression wrap.

The better rib supports available on the market will have the following features:

  • A low profile that allows the rib belt to be worn discretely under regular clothing without sacrificing their effectiveness;
  • Breathable materials that allow the body to maintain its natural temperature without undue temperature increases with the resultant perspiration and discomfort.

Some of the other things you can do to heal faster in addition to wearing your rib support are:

  • Avoid physically demanding sporting or athletic activities until you have recovered fully and your doctor advises that you can return to these activities;
  • Use a cold pack on the area from time to time to ease the pain;
  • Avoid taking short breaths while you are wearing a rib belt. Try to  breathe deeply instead. If you avoid doing so, you could increase your risk of developing pneumonia.

We would also suggest that you consult with your doctor before you decide to wear a rib support. Depending on the exact nature of your injury, your doctor may advise against wearing one.

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