Sacroiliac (SI) Belt

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An SI Belt (also known as a sacroiliac belt) is an orthopedic brace that is designed to reduce pain and inflammation in the sacroiliac joint. Si belts are also sometimes referred to as trochanter belts. The si joints are located on either side of the base of the spine and connect the spine to the pelvis. The si joints function to stabilize your pelvis. They also serves as shock absorbers between the lower body and the spine. Sometimes, the ligaments that keep the joint in proper alignment can become damaged and loose, causing si joint instability and pain.This is where the SI belt (or sacroiliac belt) comes in. It supports the ligaments by doing the job they are normally responsible for doing but cannot in their damaged condition. It helps to keep the SI joint in proper alignment. It also supports the SI joint and reduces the stress on it.

You normally wear the belt around the hips in a snug fit. Your doctor will usually recommend wearing it continuously for 10 days. After that, you will normally need to wear it for another 6-8 weeks, but only when bearing weight.

Can SI Belts be worn while sleeping?

It is helpful in some cases to wear your SI Belt belt round the clock. But we would advise you to check with your physician before doing this. If your doctor agrees with this step, here are some tips:

  • Sleep on your side, keeping your painful or injured side up (to avoid putting weight on it);
  • Keep one leg bent while sleeping;
  • Use a contoured cervical pillow under your head, and sleep with another (regular) pillow under your upper arm. This will help to keep your spine properly aligned.

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